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We unleash creativity, curiosity and passion in kids.

At foundry10, our objective is to contribute to a better understanding of learning and how it occurs in real-world, applied settings. Our approach emphasizes professional development and sustainability and combines research, action and community to expand the way people think about learning.

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Making ideas into realities

Foundry10 is a place where things get done. We believe in transforming thoughts and ideas into actionable outcomes for students and the communities that support them. Learning from these experiences, we share our work to help others transform their ideas into realities.

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Fostering collaboration to gain a better understanding of knowledge

An important aspect of cultivating an expanded view of learning is gathering data to see if what we are doing works. Research is integrated into everything we do at foundry10, and as we try new approaches to learning, we are recording what works, what could be improved and why.

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