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We work to understand how people learn

Our objective is to better understand the experiences, passions, and relationships that drive learning. Through our work in a diverse range of subjects and approaches, we are gathering and sharing knowledge about learning, creativity, and how these elements bring value to their lives. This unique combination of research, programs, and people also allows our team to explore the process of learning in new and valuable ways.

Our Vision


The foundry10 community

The team at foundry10 has brought together staff, researchers, students, educators, partners and collaborators from all over the world. It is a core belief here that the most interesting ideas emerge when a team is comprised of people who bring a wide range of life experiences and expertise. Together, we look at learning in broad and creative ways and are always searching for people who share our view and seek to explore a broader view on education and learning.

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The non-traditional approach

Part of any discovery is a willingness to try new things, and at foundry10 we look for ways to apply what we are finding about learning in different and unique approaches to any subjects we cover. To see more of how we are thinking of these programs and what we are learning about them, check out our subjects page!

Areas of Interest


Examining the details of learning

Research is interwoven throughout all of what we do, and we are constantly discussing and reflecting on what we are learning from our programs and studies. If you want to know more about what we are learning, how we are gathering the data, and what conclusions we are drawing, check out our research page.

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Bringing industry and education together

Foundry10 works in a very collaborative fashion. We believe that the people who know their communities and kids best are the people who work with them everyday. Our partnerships allow us to extend, enhance and team up with others in interesting and much needed ways.

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Drawing from a wealth of expertise

We are learning all the time. Reflecting and figuring out how we can iterate and improve on what we do is a key component of our philosophy. In addition to our strong team of employees, we rely on our board of advisors and our IRB to provide insight and feedback into our research and work.

Our Board of Advisors

Do the kind of work you’ve always wished to do

Foundry10 offers an energizing and open work structure. We believe we have the opportunity to do great things in this world and our team operates with that mission in mind. The people at foundry10 come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences in order to create a unique and powerful group focused on learning.

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We have got a lot going on!

Whether you are interested in our research findings, programming for youth, or all-ages workshops, there are many opportunities to engage with foundry10. If you are curious about any or all of this, click here to reach out!

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