Artistic Design


Questions we’re exploring

1. Does design thinking help students explore their identity and creative voice?

There are many decisions that students make when working on a design. Whether it is fashion, art, or any other new idea, design requires choices, and we want to know how students express themselves through their creative work and process.

2. Does taking creative risks encourage positive risk taking?

Students have many creative ideas that break traditional molds and challenge the conventions of many different fields. Through the lens of fashion, we are looking at creative risks and how these new and exciting ideas instill confidence in young designers.

3. How do young individuals collaborate, adapt, and stand out in creative group projects?

Collaborative design brings together many visions and voices into one, and it can sometimes be tricky for students to find out how to have their ideas heard while being part of a team. Across many fields, how do students approach this challenge?


Y-WE Camp Report

In this report, we dig into a fashion camp that we ran with Young Women Empowered. Please take at the document below to find out more about the camp and what we learned.

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Program Updates

Y-We Lead 2016

In 2016, we worked with a Y-We to enable young women to try out some new and creative activities. Read more!

Student Fashion Program

Foundry10 is hosting a co-ed fashion program for middle and high school students running from January thru March. Learn how to design and construct your very own clothing in a group collection. This group will meet once a week, Wednesdays from 3:30-6:30pm at the foundry10 building. Students can find the sign-up form here!

Please contact with any questions

Y-We Fashion Show 2015

During July of 2015, foundry10 partnered with Y-We to run a week-long fashion day-camp. The high school girls who participated had the opportunity to create fashion garments that expressed their individuality with the guidance of expert seamstresses and the support of mentors. Read more!