Digital Audio


Questions we’re exploring

1. What does it look like to bring digital audio into the classroom?

Digital audio production is a relatively new field and includes an expansive list of functions and roles. However, with all new technology, we are still learning how to introduce students to it and what it looks like to teach with it in a classroom setting.

2. What skills does one acquire when studying digital music?

We know that students benefit in many ways from having music be a part of their lives. Digital audio brings a suite of skills to the table, like visual programming, physics, and music theory, and changes what we know about how music impacts students.

3. What does a creative community for music look like for students today?

Localized collectives and cyphers of young students are emerging across the world, starting their own local music movements, building communities and growing into the global music market. How can students work together to foster success in their own communities, and enter the global musical stage?


Digital audio report 2014-2016

This report covers what we have learned over the past 3 years running digital audio programs in schools, with community partners, and on our own!
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Program Updates

Audio Workshops

A big part of learning to work with digital audio is expanding specific skillsets and learning fun new ways to create and manipulate sound. To supplement the program, we bring in exciting and fun events to showcase different functions and teach youth and adults alike. Check out more!

Summer Remixing 2016

There are still some slots open for Summer Remixing, and jumping in a little late is no problem! The program runs Tue/Thurs from 6-8pm. Email for more info!

SAM Remix March 2016

In March, 2016, we partnered with the Seattle Art Museum to supplement their Remix event with some of our digital audio expertise to give attendees the feel for remixing. The event was a big success and we have created a video about it! Check it out!