Questions we’re exploring

1. How does drama evolve when we invite collaboration between artists and educators?

We believe uniting a teaching artist with a traditional classroom teacher can unlock potential for non-traditional learning. When teaching artists stand together what innovative ideas does our collective voice generate? When theater education programs collaborate what potential is there for inventive work?

2. How does drama in the classroom change the way students think and learn?

Does student perception of their academic skills improve from creative outlets in the classroom? When drama is in the workplace, does it change the way adults approach their learning?

3. Can Dramatic arts help students realize themselves as creative leaders in their communities?

When given the opportunity to expand upon their interest in the arts, do students step into positions of creative leadership? Does the intrinsic value of the performing arts increase for students when their voice is heard in the creation of the art they are performing? What opportunities to students want when given the avenue to explore their voice in what they can create?


Dramatic Storytelling and Literacy

This article describes a method of exploring and expanding literacy using dramatic storytelling techniques. In this program, we paired drama teaching artists with teachers to engage young students in literacy-based exercises in a unique and fun way.

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Shoreline Reading Intervention at Briarcrest Elementary

Shoreline Reading Intervention 2016 at Briarcrest Elementary School. Teachers and teaching artists collaborated on bringing traditional literacy curriculum to life through dramatic storytelling for classrooms of students K-3 and ELL.

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Program Updates

Y-WE Speak dramatic arts collaboration

Dramatic arts at foundry10 partnered with Y-WE Speak in 2015-2016 to collaborate on multi-generational, generative piece of theater. We found the rehearsals became a platform for self-actualization and the performance was an opportunity to SPEAK up!

Olympic Hills Teacher and Teaching Artist

We have been collaborating with a few elementary schools around Seattle to learn more about how teaching artists can work directly with educators to create a great dramatic experience for students. You can find out a bit more about our work with Olympic Hills in this short write-up.



Young Student Creating New Musical

Lydia Hayes is a 13 year-old student who approached foundry10 with an idea for a new musical based on a true story. Over the summer, Lydia has worked with us and her mentor to develop and ultimately perform this creative work.

Check out the link below for her story, some pictures and a sample of her music!


Teaching Artist Jam Session

Teaching artists from a variety of different skill sets came together to play games , share curriculum, and refresh/unite before summer camps here at foundry10. We had a blast!! We learned a lot, made new connections, and discovered more about our craft.

Check out this page for more info!

The New Musical Project

The New Musical Project was started by a small group of students in the summer of 2016. High schoolers often do not get the chance in the dramatic arts to be writers, composers, directors, etc... This project was designed by the students to get that experience and learn more about the opportunities and challenges in theater.


On Making Our Own Cabaret

In summer of 2016, two recently graduated high school students came to foundry10 with the idea of planning, producing and directing a cabaret show. With a little over a month of time, the students put together a show for other high school students to showcase their creative talents, network with industry professionals, and build confidence on stage.


Evolving ideas in theater education

This project was a series of one-on-one filmed interviews with several influential theater education departments in Seattle. It was designed to study and increase the visibility of the incredible opportunities in this city that are available for students and teachers interested in the dramatic arts.

Check out the first of these interviews.

Hear My Song

We worked with local high school students interested in drama to put on songwriting workshops and, ultimately, a cabaret. Students prepared, original and cover pieces, performed, then talked with us about the experience

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Our approach

In foundry10 Dramatic Arts programs we build community, breed collaboration, and activate creative leadership by providing resources and programs for the expert and novice student, teacher, and teaching artist to expand their interest, enhance their skills, and empower their voice through the medium of theater arts.