Early Education


Questions we’re exploring

1. Do dramatic arts provide a bridge for creative liberty?

Pre-K and K students tend to benefit from guided approaches to creative liberty while developing. We are interested in how dramatic arts plays a role in this creative exploration for students.

2. What dramatic arts practices are useful, efficient, and sustainable for classroom teachers?

What dramatic arts curriculum is most impactful for the variety of ages in early ed? What dramatic arts strategies do teachers find most accessible? We are looking to simply better understand the roles drama can play across subjects and disciplines.

3. Does drama promote unity within the classroom dynamic?

What life skills- such as empathy, listening, taking turns, and courage- develop through the practice of dramatic arts?
Does drama help the students engage with others they normally don’t engage with?


Dramatic Storytelling at Shoreline Children’s Center

As part of our early education program, we partnered with Shoreline Children’s Center to try using story drama, the act of collaboratively creating stories in a group environment.

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Program Updates

Olympic Hills Teacher and Teaching Artist

We have been collaborating with a few elementary schools around Seattle to learn more about how teaching artists can work directly with educators to create a great dramatic experience for students. You can find out a bit more about our work with Olympic Hills in this short write-up.


Hilltop Elementary Drama

At Hilltop Elementary, we put on a program to compare the use of creative drama and story drama with this audience, and we found some interesting ways that drama can build creative liberty, while still helping teachers hit their own classroom goals. Read more!

Oak Heights Elementary Music Project

Students at Oak Heights Elementary, with the help of recording professionals at foundry10, put together an album of children's books displaying some of the music they had been practicing during the school year. Check out their music and some pictures!