Games and Learning


Questions we’re exploring

1. What are the impacts of various forms of gameplay on learning?

Alone this is a pretty straightforward question, but there are so many different games and ways to play them, that it is a huge field to understand. From competitive games to puzzles to edutainment, we seek to learn as much as we can about how games impact the minds of players.

2. What about learning from designing and developing games?

Game development has been steadily growing as a desirable career. As more students explore this path, what sorts of skills are they gaining both within game development, and in a broader, more transferable sense?

3. With games becoming mainstream media, can we change the methods that are used to study gamers?

Research on games has historically been conducted on university campuses, but with conferences and events becoming increasingly large, there are better ways to study gamers emerging. We are on the cutting edge of these methods and are looking to share what we are doing.


Number processing ability and logitunal MOBA skill

We took a look at how Dota 2 players who performed some number processing tasks in a study of ours improved in game skill over time. Check out this page for the abstract and more information.
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Beyond Programming – The Power of Making Games

In an article written for THE Journal, we discuss the findings of a survey we gave to professional game developers and students alike to compare their views on the role of game design in the classroom.
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Program Updates

Finding the Fun - Tabletop Game Design in High School

In our most recent Tabletop Game Design program, we delved into how students learn from the design process. The act of optimizing a game to focus on the fun elements provides an interesting exploration into critical thinking, collaborative design, and the iterative process.

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Study finds number processing task predicts improvements in gaming skill

Foundry10's work on DOTA2 has been covered in PsyPost, a blog that covers current research in psychology. Come take a look at the article here and read about our study!

Why eSports Tournaments Make Great Venues for Research

In another Gamasutra article, we talk about our experience running studies at Dota 2's "The International" tournament series since 2013. We gathered tons of data and came to find that the eSports world holds huge value for researchers.

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Games in Education - Tabletop

In 2015, we attended the Games in Education Summit to give a talk about the work we have done putting Tabletop games into schools. We discovered a lot about a number of skills that come as a result of this type of making games. Check out our presentation for more information.

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What We Can Learn from Teens Making Games

In an article we wrote for Gamasutra, we talk about the challenges and learning that has taken place when students have come to foundry10 to make games. From technical skills to passion discovery, the article focuses on student recounts of their experiences and thoughts about making games.

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These Teens Can Code and So Should You

As part of a larger story on students learning coding and technological skills, the Seattle Times talked to foundry10 about the work we do with students making games and VR content. They interviewed staff and interns to find out more about how students think about the technology they are working with.

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Dota 2 Study Seeks to Find How Gamers Learn

The Daily Dot wrote an article about the work we did in 2014 using eye trackers to study the differences between novices and experts of the video game Dota 2.

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Game Design can Change Learning for the Better

The folks over at Pixelkin came by to talk with us about how designing games helps students learn important concepts and skills. Watch the interview below, or read the transcript!