Hip Hop


Questions we’re exploring

1. How does dance enhance creativity and expression?

Dance provides many students a chance to share a part of themselves that no other type of communication can. This leaves a lasting mark on the personalities of dancers, and we want to understand more about the connection between creativity and dance.

2. Does dance enhance teamwork and camaraderie?

While dancing can be done alone, it is often best done with a group or a team. With so many other subjects in education, we look at collaborative and communicative benefits that come from teamwork. How does dance fit into this?

3. What about dance prepares students for their futures, whatever they may be?

While dance can be a career, it is not for many students. However, they still believe dance to be extremely valuable and personality-defining. What about dance drives this level of passion and how does it help students in their personal and professional lives?


Parkwood Math and Reading Intervention – Spring 2016

During the spring of 2016, foundry10 teamed up with Shoreline School District to provide a week-long math and reading program that had an integrated drama component with the goal of enhancing student skills and motivation. See the results here!
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The Importance of Frustration in Dance

Working with dance students, we frequently encounter performance anxiety and frustration. However, we believe that encountering and overcoming these difficult feelings is one of the biggest challenges through which Hip Hop, and dance in general, creates value for students of all skill levels.
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Program Updates

Cultivating Agency in High School Dancers

How do high school dancers connect with their art outside of the practices and performances offered by their schools? We asked dancers in our programs and were surprised to find that many of them have no formalized way of furthering their skills and passion beyond school offerings. Foundry10 offered a number of summer programs designed to show the wealth of opportunity for students beyond school programs. Find out more about what we learned below!


foundry10 Dance Alliance

Due to transportation challenges and time demands, high school dancers do not always get the chance to engage with the vibrant dance community that Seattle has to offer. We created the foundry10 Dance Alliance to bring students together and connect them with seasoned professionals.

To find out more about the program and what we learned, check out this post!

Beyond Boundaries Review - 2015-2016

Performance is a major part of dance, so to support local teams and clubs, we put on a major Hip Hop competition called Beyond Boundaries. Come take a look at the dancers, their work, and what we have learned from running this competition!

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