Questions we’re exploring

1. How do group dynamics impact learning?

Internship projects come in many shapes and sizes, and teams range from just an individual up to four students. During the program, one of the things we are looking to discover is how teams evolve and change when presented with complex problems and real-world experience.

2. What is the optimal level of structure and mentor involvement?

Structure, and its role in learning, is a major interest area for foundry10. The internships are a chance for us to dig deeper into how much structure works for each student and how to help them find the style of learning that best suits them.

3. How is learning improved when a student is passionate and invested in the subject area?

This program is really about the students pursuing a project that is of interest to them. While exciting in its own way, this has given us the opportunity to see how passions develop and how to help students find the direction they want to follow in the years after high school.

4. How can value be placed in the process and not the end product alone?

It can be so easy to get caught up on the destination to the point where you ignore the journey. With our internship program, we are constantly talking with students about how to make the process the most impactful part and keep the focus on the skills they are learning rather than a single project outcome.


Summer 2016 Internships Findings

We conduct pre-mid-post interviews as part of our internship program, these findings are from those interviews for summer of 2016.

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Student-Led Internships: An Exploration of Interest, Motivation, and Process

This paper explores the fundamental ideas behind the Student-Led Internship, the research that demonstrates the importance of programs like these and the role creative and intellectual risk plays in a more unstructured learning model.

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Program Updates

Summer 2017 Intern Application

The high school internship application period for Summer 2017 is open! You can find the application form here! The deadline for proposals is 11:59pm on April 30th.

If you are a college student, the job description for college-level internships can be found here! Deadline for applications is April 15th at 11:59pm.

Want to know more about our internship program? The video at the top of this page has everything you need to know!

Student Creativity in our Internships

Creative thought takes many different forms and shapes, and we see this in our internship program. With such a diverse range of projects and fields, students are exploring new and exciting ways to grow their creativity and approach challenges in new ways. Read the report here.

In Pursuit of Passion

How do students discover their passions amidst all of the pressures of high school life? Through our internship program, we have learned much about the way students think about their interest and how they discover their passion.

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Project-based learning, amplified

We began offering our internships because we wanted to see what would happen if we asked students: if you could do any project you wanted, what would you do? Then we wanted to see what would happen if they actually did it.

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Internship Spotlight: Game Making

One of our most popular categories for internships, game making blends creativity, design thinking, technical and artistic skill, and empathy into a single project. Student designers and developers have to plan out their game, figure out what makes it fun, create the artwork, manage deadlines, and more. The experience is rigorous, but worth it.

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