Professional Development


Questions we’re exploring

1. As schools are looking for ways to broaden the scope their curriculum, how can well structured PD and collaborative teaching opportunities support long term changes in educational settings?

What do teacher’s look for in an experience to improve their skills? By understanding more about the types of professional development that teachers find valuable, we can create better programs for their education.

2. How do we develop the diverse knowledge base a teacher has to offer students in something other than what they primarily teach?

Teachers are incredibly passionate and gifted, often in more areas than whatever they normally teach. We want to provide a platform for them to share that knowledge with students who may share their passion.

3. What are ways we can inspire non-traditional learning in the classroom?

Partnering with a specialist or artist to inspire creative or non-traditional approaches to learning provides an opportunity for professional exploration. Are there more ways we can connect teachers to this inspiration?

We believe that professional development is an essential component of program sustainability to positively impact students. Here are some ways we are currently integrating professional development in our programs and research:

  • Ways we’re working with educators
  • Working directing in classrooms
  • Presenting at teacher conferences
  • Leading workshops
  • Hosting meet-ups
  • Examining both inservice and preservice teacher professional development and its impact on classroom practice
  • Uniting teachers and artists as they collaborate on curriculum


Parkwood Intervention Program

The Shoreline Schools Foundation and foundry10 partnered to create an original program at Parkwood Elementary, during spring break 2016.
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Program Updates

SEED Conference

Over two-hundred students from various Shoreline high schools came together for a Social Justice Conference presented by SEED and Tanisha Felder in collaboration with foundry10 and shoreline foundation among a few other organizations.

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STEM Professional Development

In partnership with a local school district, foundry10 is running a PD course in STEM concepts to help teachers expand their own understanding while providing tangible benefits to their students. Research from this program will be available in Spring, 2018.

Check out the full post for more details!

A foundry10 Approach to PD

Throughout our work in PD, we have been reviewing and discussing our own view on how educators explore their fields and passion areas. This has evolved as we have explored the concepts collaboratively with educators across different subjects and populations. We have put together a report showcasing how this experience has shaped our view on PD.

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Teaching Artist Training Lab

The annual Teaching Artist Training Lab in Seattle, WA, provides fundamental training and networking for our teaching artists and other educators in the Pacific Northwest. Our very own Chelsea LeValley participated in this, and recounts her experience in this report.


Applied Professional Development

Our approach to professional development is a little different, and is focused on applying new skills and techniques directly into the classroom. This report tells the story of a few of our PD methods across a number of subject areas.

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PD Brainstorming Strategies

It helps for us to know a bit more about what you are looking for when it comes to PD. To help with the brainstorming process, we put together a small chart with some strategies for thinking about PD with foundry10.

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Interested in Professional Development?

We want to hear from you about your thoughts and desires when it comes to educator professional development. If you are interested in participating, or just want to know more, reach out to

PD Philosophy

At foundry10, we create avenues for inspiration by uniquely tailoring professional development to the interest and needs of the individual teachers, artists, and professionals with whom we work. Professional development is a by-product of imaginative risk-taking and we believe it is available in every collaboration. Our goal is to re-invigorate and newly inspire passionate educators.

Professional development strengthens our community of educators. Among our diverse set of programs, professional development is always present. Through collaboration on high quality programs, we see an inherent development of skills, knowledge, and confidence for educators that are working alongside us.