ReFramed 2017

This summer, foundry10 is exploring the power of art in the hands of students. We want to find out what happens when students get the chance to explore an area of art that is interesting to them. Over the course of a week, students who sign up will select a track from four options (Audio, Dance, Fashion and Film), and spend the week expanding their creativity within that area. Each program will involve four 3-hour workshops from 4-7 Monday through Thursday starting Monday, July 10th. The time on Friday will be an exhibition where students will get to show what they have created.

If you would like to sign up for ReFramed now, you can reserve your spot in any of the tracks below on this form! Otherwise, check out the tracks below for more information


The audio track of Reframed will focus on students recording sounds from their environments, manipulating those sounds, and using what they create to re-score a section of a film, game, or video that has had the sound removed. We will provide the soundless tracks, but participants will have to rely on their own creativity, eyes, and ears to build new audio tracks for the soundless segment they choose. In addition to learning some audio technology, students will learn sound design, editing and implementation.


ReFramed dance is a 4 day intensive aimed to expand and change the way you think about movement. Within 12 hours and 4 sessions, expect to train like you never have before. Each day is built out differently and led by professional artists in Seattle. Our goal is to offer an experience that allows you to see what’s past the high school dance track and prep you for what’s to come. The end of the program will culminate in a performance for friends, family, and other ReFramed programs.


Explore your own sense of style and fashion with this workshop series. Throughout ReFramed, you will learn how to construct and style clothing with your own personal creative aesthetic. What does your style say about you? What inspires you to create? At the end, you will have the option to share what you make during the exposition.


Learn how to think like a filmmaker! Students will learn core concepts of cinematography and editing for a narrative as well as being introduced to Eisenstein’s theory of the montage. After the week is over, students participating in the filmmaking course will have completed a 5-min short film showcasing their understanding of film grammar. The goal is to come out with a new perspective on cinema and visual storytelling.

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