Elementary Lego and Robotics

Elementary After School Lego Club and Robotics Club, Spring 2017

As part of our work focused on after school programming, we partnered with an elementary school in the greater Seattle area to run a Lego building club for early elementary students (kindergarten and first grade) and a Lego Robotics club for intermediate elementary students (grades 4, 5 and 6). The program ran after school, twice a week for an hour each session, for four weeks. Each was led by classroom teachers with an interest in Legos and each developed their own club curricula and projects. All Lego building kits and robotics kids were donated as part of the after school project with foundry10. We also supplied stipends for the teachers to run the clubs. The goal was to provide opportunities, free of charge, for students to build, explore, and be creative in an after-school setting.

This report covers what the students learned from the programs and directions for future research in this area: Elementary Lego and Robotics