Impact of the Arrangement of Game Information on Recall Performance of Multi-player Online Battle Arena Players

Individuals who have domain-specific knowledge, such as chess players and dancers, have been found to use schemas to organize and anticipate information. We examined whether multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game players use a similar strategy. Participants were presented with a memory task where they recalled the status of game features as displayed on a mini-map. The task contained two conditions: a condition where game features were arranged in a manner consistent with gameplay and a condition where game features were arranged in a random manner. Recall accuracy for highly structured game features was affected by whether a mini-map was consistent or arbitrarily arranged and varied with participants’ MOBA expertise. This is in line with previous expertise research that has found that knowledge of underlying probability structures of events contained within schemas is indicative of domain-specific knowledge. This suggests that MOBA players can be used to study skill acquisition.

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Bonny & Castaneda, Dotal Recall