The Implications of VR in Applied Educational Settings

Introducing advanced technology into a classroom requires thoughtful planning and implementation, especially with something as personally impactful as virtual reality. Throughout our work with schools across North America, we have been examining some case studies of VR kits in real classrooms. Our VR program has examined various combinations of hardware, software, subject matter, age groups, and locales to see what happens when VR gets into the hands of students and teachers. Through our interviews with teachers and surveys with students, we have uncovered many promising opportunities, but also some concerns that lead us to carefully consider the role of VR in education. We present considerations, challenges, and our experience in three key areas: ethical VR use, pedagogy/content, and immersive communities in classrooms. We offer discussion points about both positive and negative impacts of VR, and what we can do to maximize its usefulness in creating valuable learning for students.

Implications of Virtual Reality in Applied Educational Settings