Lydia Hayes is young student with ambition and the ability to follow through. She approached our drama instructor Chelsea LeValley with an idea to develop her own new musical as an intern with foundry10. Alongside her mentor, Michael Nutting, she has composed a contemporary score filled with a variety of ballads, duets, up tempos and all her own original work. She was inspired to write this story from a newspaper article about a man who calls in a fake bomb threat on the day of his wedding in order to conceal his mishap at booking the venue! The script is funny and in her own voice. As she finishes up her first draft of the two-act musical this August, we are preparing to have a formal table read with student and professional actors in town to give her feedback on her work. Ultimately, Lydia plans to enter her work into the Seattle Fringe Festival and to have a staged reading by a local theater company.

From Lydia on what she’s learning from the project:
“I’m learning about putting together all the pieces of creating a musical. I’m learning how to write music and about all the components to a song and to tell a story through a song. I am also learning about the little details of writing a play, How to connect different scenes believably. And of course, how to combine songs and script. I wanted to write a musical because I wanted the experience but also, I’ve always seen musicals and thought to myself, I would have done it like this, or it should have been like, and when I heard this story, my first thought was that this should be a musical.”- Lydia Hayes, 13 year old musical writer.

You can find some images and a sample of her work below: