Opening a dialogue with Seattle’s inspiring leaders in dramatic arts

At foundry10, we are often the filling interesting and unique molds in our respective arts and technology fields. Education directors in the dramatic arts have been leading programming in nontraditional models of learning for decades in our city. We set out to not only learn from these leaders, what inspires them about this business of non-traditional learning and dramatic arts, but also to connect students and professionals with the pre-existing opportunities in dramatic arts available in the city of Seattle, WA. Through a series of interviews with the cities foremost dramatic arts program leaders, we are promoting the programs and encourage students, teachers, and professional teaching artists to get involved!

We found that many education directors are inspired by their experiences in theater while in gradeschool. This made us want to ask, what inspires you to want to get involved with theater? As part of this project, we are asking for viewers to write in and tell us a story of how theater affected you.