In the fall of 2015, a group of female high school friends approached us about trying something new and through conversations with them we discovered that they had several overlapping interests with film (writing, cinematography, costuming, special effects make-up, etc.). They met one evening a week through-out the school year working on creating a short film together with the guidance of a film mentor and other experts. One student took on the role of script writer, three students acted in the film, one directed and the other two operated the camera and sound. They also got two of their friends to fill in for acting roles and had many family and friends help during the long 10 day filming process.

We began to note conversations around taking risk and trying new things coming up with more frequency. It is a major goal of our girl’s programs to explore the concept of positive risk taking, and this group expressed some interesting thoughts on the matter. You can find a write-up below:

Young women and positive risk taking

Check out the video they made: