Kindergarten Reader’s Theater Curriculum Collaboration

At foundry10, it’s important to us that we continue to work with teachers and educators with whom we have started a relationship and tailor our programming to their specific interests and needs. Kindergarten teacher Wendy Olson from Shoreline school district, for example, worked with foundry10 during the summer reading intervention and reached out to us for more classroom collaboration during the school year. She wanted to bring a teaching artist into her classroom during a reader’s theater unit, in order to enhance the student experience with that particular curriculum, and ultimately perform it for their peers and families. Foundry10 teaching artist, Meredith Berlin, joined up with Wendy for some pre-program, brief meetings to collaborate on ideas regarding how to enhance their curriculum and then launched their ideas for four class sessions and a final performance to much success with their students.

Wendy reflected, “I can’t say enough about having Meredith be part of our classroom! She did a fantastic job of introducing the kids to some basic elements of acting, including stage presence, intonation, and expressions. She made the students feel comfortable expressing themselves while encouraging them to take appropriate risks. In addition to practicing our reader’s theater, the kids played games that sparked their imaginations and encourage creative expression. Having Meredith work with the kids was such a positive experience. The kids were drawn to her enthusiasm, kindness, patience, and creativity. I’d love to work with Meredith again and would encourage other educators to collaborate with foundry10 as they seek to bring the arts into their classrooms.”

We hope to work with Wendy again on another idea and will be sure to continue to prioritize those pre-program connections between teachers and teaching artists that seem key to successful collaborations.