New Musical Update

Large-scale collaboration in writing is a rarity for stage musicals. Often the collaboration model for writers of a new musical includes two adults: a composer and a book writer.

We decided to shake it up and include adult mentors alongside students and encouraged role swaps like composers helping with book writing and book writers to writing songs.

The foundry10 new musical, currently titled 78 minutes, is being written by a team of students, teaching artists, and foundry10 staff. It’s a story of what happens to society in the wake of a supernova.

The team started writing in summer 2016 and have continued to work throughout the year, including events like a table reading of the full musical with a group of young actors.

Here are some reflections from team-member Autumn after having twenty actors join the team to read their words aloud and listen to the team sing the songs in context of the full musical:

Writing a musical can seem like a ridiculously large challenge. And let me tell you, it is. But there is also something extremely rewarding listening to actors read your lines and lyrics that have come out of your head. Hearing someone else read your work can also help you understand it better. What worked and what doesn’t.

Hearing the feedback from a completely unbiased party is also very eye opening. I honestly think that the reading with actors was the best thing we had done for the project so far. It helped us understand our work as a whole. It also helped us understand what needed to be done and gave us new goal to work towards. It made everything feel a little less overwhelming and just as overwhelming at the same time. Now that we have worked on the project for a couple more months after the reading I hope we can try for another table reading followed by a full staged reading. I also think we need to join together as a group again and redefine, clarify, and re-establish the purpose is of telling our story. I can’t wait to get back to work on the musical, and start sharing it with more people!

The team is planning to do the staged reading with a group of actors singing and performing the musical at a local theater in Seattle this summer. Stay tuned!