One Act at a Time


At foundry10 we are devoted to researching student growth through dramatic arts programming. We are committed to giving students creative leadership and opportunities to perform new works or their own in professional environments. As I’m sure you can imagine, our research demonstrates that these programs reignited their passion for the art of theater and improved their self-determination and efficacy..

one act at a time flyer

We’re excited to be partnering with Shana Bestock and Penguin Productions this May on a whirlwind weekend of new plays and musicals written and directed by professionals, performed by young artists ages 15-22. We’re calling it One Act at a Time, and want diverse styles and voices around a general theme of social justice and/or identity to be represented in the pieces.

Participating students will have the opportunity to submit answers to questions about the kind of character they’d like too play or their desired identity to be represented on stage, and the professional playwrights partnered with young playwrights will weave that information into their written stories. Over the course of three days, students will learn, rehearse, and perform these new plays and musicals for the first time!

The final performance will be hosted at major theater in the Seattle area, Taproot Theater’s Jewell MainStage on May 27th at 7pm, party to follow! Playwrights, directors, producers, actors, and their community/network are invited to attend and give ear to these stories and their interpretation! Sign-language interpretation at performance available.