Re-inventing the idea of social justice/devised theater in High School theater programs

Foundry10 is excited to announce a new theater program focused on student voice and issues in social justice. Through uniting teachers of drama programs with expert teaching artists, we hope to develop a 3 week residency program in local dramatic arts classes. The objective of this program is to get students to devise, curate and ultimately perform an original play about the issues that are important to them.


We are interested to see if working through cultural issues in dramatic settings will empower students to stand up for their communities and deal with conflict amongst their peers in productive ways. In addition, we hope that this experience will help students see their own creative leadership and ability to be more than just a performer within the theater industry.

Finally, we are looking for several drama teachers from schools in the greater Seattle area to partner with us and explore this new idea. Foundry10 is flexible in its ability to collaborate with teachers, fit into existing curricular plans, and offer the program for free. If you are interested, please email