Often in high school theater settings students are afforded the opportunity to explore their work as a performer or tech person but not as a writer/creator/director/composer/lyricist. The New Musical Project is a cohort of students and mentors collaborating on the creation of an original new musical. These students and mentors have challenged themselves and leaned upon one another’s’ strengths to create something new. Inspired by the idea of what would happen if we had only a few hours left to live, the story that chronicles the lives of four different groups of people facing relationship crises and, of course, an impending supernova! Experience the original work of this young team of writers, creators, and performers as they wrestle with themes of forgiveness, social injustice, and how to reawaken to a new life with only a few hours left to live. On September 7th at 6:30pm at foundry10, the NMP Cohort will be presenting their original draft of this new musical with the aid of talented performers from the Seattle theater scene. We invite you to come and give them feedback on their work to make it better for the next iteration!