During July of 2015, foundry10 partnered with Y-We to run a week-long fashion day-camp. The high school girls who participated had the opportunity to create fashion garments that expressed their individuality with the guidance of expert seamstresses and the support of mentors. The young artists had a collection of donated fabrics to inspire them and could create any silhouettes or designs that they wanted, making the only limitations their imagination! The experience ended with a fashion show on the final day in which the young women shared their creations and designs with their friends, family and the general public. They had control over how their work was displayed, so in addition to being showcased on the runway, they also presented their own skits, poems and spoken word. Aside from learning more about the sewing arts and creation of fashion, other takeaways for the participants included sustainability in fashion, ethical treatment of fashion laborers and expression of inner beauty in ways that are beyond societal conventions.

Check out this video about the experience!