Research has suggested that exposure to new and emerging technology is very beneficial to teachers in training.  Being able to see what is coming up and consider how it might make an impact in classrooms brings new perspectives and ideas.  So, when we met Mark Stevens of Bowling Greene State University in Ohio, we were intrigued to hear that he works with pre-service teachers and wanted to bring VR to his students.

Throughout late 2016, we connected with Mark to develop a plan on how to introduce VR in an educational setting to future teachers.  We are interested in answering a few key questions:


  • What kind of opportunities do they imagine for using VR with students?
  • Do they have different ideas than in-service teachers?
  • Does exposure to VR change their perceptions of technology in general?

The students in BGSU’s education program will be developing lesson plans using VR, considering uses for it with students outside of lessons, and working with the technology center at the school to prototype VR content for use in education.  Throughout the course, we will be surveying the students, interviewing the instructor, and administering a few different measures all to better understand the way these students see technology, and particularly VR, fitting into their teaching practices.

Stay tuned for more information!